Disc Golf

In the hunt

The average reader may be surprised to learn that disc golf tournaments even exist. Indeed, many people are still unfamiliar with the bastard cousin of traditional ball golf.

The Anhyzer

The discs one uses in disc golf have certain innate properties that allow them to act in a reasonably predictable manner. For example, all else being equal, if a right-handed player tosses a backhand shot, the disc will start by going in the direction it was thrown but as it loses momentum it will dive …

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The Saga of Hole 17

Preemptive clarification: The targets in disc golf look like baskets. However, due to the culturally dominant influence of regular golf, disc golfers will often refer to these targets as holes. I have done that throughout this piece. When playing the Mt McIntyre disc golf course in Whitehorse, the nastiest piece of business is reserved for …

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Slipping Those Discs

If, on a recent walk through the Mount McIntrye trails, you’ve heard a lot of rustling and crashing around in the bushes, it may not have been the bear you feared it was. Instead, it may be a pack of disc golfers. Most simply put, disc golf is like regular golf except with Frisbees. In …

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