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Discovery Days

There’s a New Drummer in Town

Meet Lee Campese, Yukon’s most recent import and the latest addition to the groovy rhythmic assemblage, Major Funk and the Employment.Campese, who has been drumming for 18 years, is no stranger to the spotlight, but this summer...

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Things that Go Bang in the Night

We had fireworks just the other night. No one I’ve spoken with seems to know exactly who set them off down by the river. There weren’t very many of them, but there were enough to drive our dog into her customary panic.As usual,...

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Discovery Days and the Underwear Cannon

Shredded bits of a pair of my underwear are nailed to the wall inside a bar – the bar – in Chicken, Alaska.It always amazes me what northerners will do to prove they are unique and unlike people from Outside.We’d ridden...

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