Emma Barr

Emma Barr has a main theme to all of her work – colour. All facets of the colour world are explored. Recent works include illumination with light. Trained as a mixed media major, Emma works with 2 and 3d works of art in many mediums including canvas,

Emma’s Quick Guide to a safe and sound studio

The main things I consider, as a painter, are ventilation, natural light and cleanup. Ventilation is challenging in the Yukon because in the winter you lose so much heat by opening windows.

Stephanie Dixon

Local Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice

Wondering how to get your business from side hustle to full time? Struggling with balancing kids, hobbies and relationships, while building your brand? Looking for inspiration and motivation to get you through the inevitable blocks and challenges that comes with being an entrepreneur? Women face unique challenges when launching into the world of business. For …

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Chalk It Up

I had a great chat recently with Heidi Loos.  She is organizing the first Yukon Chalk Art Festival for Unlikely Events Yukon.  The Festival will run June 11 and 12, 2016, 10 am. to 5 pm. at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre parking lot.  Two workshops will take place at the parking lot of Dana …

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Emma Barr

Finding beauty in all the right places: Artist teaches how to appreciate art

  Emma Barr is helping people find more beauty in their lives. As a professional artist of mixed media, that has always been her goal. But there is so much more art out there and much of it go unappreciated because many people just do not know enough about it. Or, perhaps, they know they …

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Art by Emma Barr

For the Love of Dunes

Battling wind that whipped sand across faces and canvases, 15 artists hunkered down in the Carcross sand dunes to document the area’s beauty.

Spend An Evening In Wonderland

The Convention Centre is transformed by Emma Barr & Lauren Tuck for Wonderland Gala “It’s time Whitehorse had a New Year’s party.

Burn this winter away

This could be the most-anticipated Burning Away the Winter Blues event in its history. says Arlin McFarlane. “It has been a long winter.”

group around fire

Winter blues will burn

there is something infinitely satisfying about being a part of a torch-carrying mob on its determined way to burn a false god

YWIM New Album Features 14 Talented Yukon Women

Storytelling has always been an integral part of Yukon history and tradition, in all its forms and mediums. That’s why this year, the non-profit Yukon Women in Music (YWIM) chose to make it the theme of their fourth and latest compilation album, “Song Rise”, which was just released in November. Under the common thread, Yukon …

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At Home in the Gallery

Jay Hambleton seems at home in the exhibition room of the Copper Moon Gallery, waiting for the crowds to arrive for his very first show. He ought to feel at home; he grew up in a gallery. Hambleton is the son of Jack Hambleton, who founded Kelowna’s prestigious Hambleton Galleries. He grew up literally above …

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Art Passes the Torch

One of Whitehorse’s oldest commercial art galleries has changed hands. Art Webster started the North End Gallery at First Avenue and Steele Street 12 years ago. “It was April of 1999 – the last century – when we opened our doors. It was about half the space you see now, and it took about six …

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Going Outside

A rainbow of paint drips cover the floor like confetti. Music blasts from a small radio in the corner while light pours in from a tall, narrow window behind it. Dressed in a weathered apron, hair tied back, Emma Barr mixes a brilliant shade of fuchsia. “Sometimes, if I haven’t been working in it for …

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