A family in homemade Halloween costumes

DIY: Low-Waste, Halloween style!

Initially, Halloween—namely, All Hallows’ Eve—was a ritual dedicated to remembering the dead. But now it can bee all about the fun!

A jack-o-lantern

All Things Pumpkin

The season of pumpkins is upon us. It seems this fall-favourite vegetable has a way of perfectly blending in with everything.

A lone leaf on a branch in late Autumn

Eco-Friendly Halloween

In a few days, little feet will be racing over crunchy leaves (or crunchy snow), from house to house, fuelled by vast quantities of sugar.

field of pumpkins

Pumpkins in the North

Getting Pumpkins to the Yukon isn’t easy. There’s a lot of shipping logistics to bring them from B.C., maybe Alberta, maybe even California.”

Yukon See It Here: Tamara Neely

A spooky house in Riverdale where we went trick or treating on Halloween Submitted by Tamara Neely [box] We invite you to share your photos of Yukon life. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on and what camera equipment you used to [email protected][/box]

Candy for the carnivores

Yukon Wildlife Preserve annual Wild Trick or Eat event. Stuffed pumpkins have been added to the menu for special carnivore feeding.

Be afraid … be very afraid!

As the days grow dark and the cool air settles in, Yukoners begin to turn their attention from campfires to pumpkins, embracing the spirit of Halloween. The City of Whitehorse bristles with spooky events for all ages. One of the largest and most-sought-after Halloween fixtures is the annual MAD Haunted House, presented by the Music, …

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A spooky pre-Halloween evening

Dawson City’s Old Court House on Front Street will be the site for this year’s Haunted House event, a yearly offering to the community sponsored by Parks Canada. For many years the RCMP took the lead in providing this Halloween celebration, but four years ago they needed to step down. Janice Cliff, with Klondike National …

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The fear is real…

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys creepy strolls through dark spaces with ghouls and goblins festering around every corner, perhaps it’s time to head to The Guild Hall in Porter Creek, as the Guild Society is preparing to scare the wits out of you at its annual haunted house of horror. The event …

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Lonely Nights in an Old House

If you live all by yourself downtown Whitehorse, the last thing you want is somebody knocking at your door in the middle of the night – somebody who is strange, somebody who calls your name and you don`t know what they want from you. One night in early February I had just returned from a …

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A Good Read for Halloween Night

Do ghosts exist? For some they do.  The main character in Marcelle Dubé´s novel, Shelter, moves into a haunted house in a small town in Ontario. Dubé started the story as a gothic novel and in the end it became a ghost story. Marcelle Dubé is well known in the Yukon and she usually publishes …

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The Life and Times of Teenage Metalheads, WaRRmAuth

WaRRmAuth is one of the most intriguing bands to be rising out of Whitehorse’s small but strong musical talent pool. At the forefront of the metal scene revival, these teenage stars rock harder than most with talent and ingenuity to back them up. Given their captivating stage presence and extraordinary musical harmonies, it’s a shock …

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All Kinds of Bargains

It’s autumn and time for the thrift shop in Haines Junction to ramp up again for winter. Dozens and dozens of bags of used clothing and housewares have been dropped off in the last month at the back door of St. Christopher’s Church. Local women were sorting and organizing for weeks in preparation for the …

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Hobgoblins, Skulls, and Warlocks

While the chip and candy industry churns out boxes of treats for the kids, there lies another type of treat adults can enjoy at Halloween: creepy cigars. With names like Insidious, Exorcist, and Warlock, there is a niche market of cigars with freaky name. First, the cigar called Insidious. Line this cigar up with the …

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Chance of a Ghost

Claude Turcotte was the father of my two younger kids, Josh and Sophie Turcotte, also Dad to then-toddlers Geordie MacInnis and Lee Robitaille. He was my partner, lover and frenemy from 1979 to 1988, when his shenanigans became too much for me. Claude came to Yukon in 1973 to work in Clinton Creek, and stayed …

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Old Crow Haloween

An Old Crow Halloween

I looked out our window in Old Crow Halloween Day, 2014. It was -10ºC outside. Trees were shaking as the wind howled making it much colder.

Alaska Haunting

Wherever your travels take you, there is bound to be a place that has a ghost living in the shadows. England has the ghastly Tower of London, Romania has the mysterious Hoia Baciu forest, Japan has the eerie Hanging Ruins… Just over the border in Alaksa, our American neighbours have their fair share of haunting. …

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A Buffet of Freaky Treats

Halloween parties for the mature crowd can’t simply offer a feast of candy and chips. We have issues such as cholesterol, blood pressure and the adult palate to keep in mind. Luckily, there are many healthy party snacks that can be served. Here are some ideas. For a sophisticated-but-creepy appetizer try black caviar. Grab some …

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The future is now

The Yukon Rendezvous Society is throwing a Halloween dance party again this year, and the theme is Back to the Future Part II. The trippy concept is that in 1989, when Back to the Future Part II came out, our man Marty (Michael J. Fox) time-travelled to the future and landed in 2015. And now …

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Dancing for Doggies

On Oct 31st Whitehorse residents will have a chance to work up a sweat to some sweet electronica tunes at the second annual Masq dance party. There will be a full bar, photo booth, catering, music and a costume contest with prizes from Air North, Earl’s and Yukon Brewing. The event is a fundraiser for …

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What to Do in Dawson in the Winter

Those who think that the Klondike is just a sleepy little place in winter between the tourists and the Yukon Quest would be mistaken.

Mrs. Gideon’s Ghost

They didn’t know the Caribou Hotel in Carcross was haunted when they bought it. “We’re pretty aware of it now, though,”

The Victims of Halloween

As Halloween draws near, let’s honour the many victims of Halloween. First, there are the 139 victims of Michael Myers, the villain of 10 Halloween movies, including sequels and remakes. Rest in peace, screen people, and especially you Jamie Lee Curtis, aka Laurie Strode; you were there from the beginning. There are also the long-suffering …

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It’s All About the Candy

Our little apartment in Old Crow is in full Halloween mode; my mom mailed up decorations, and our crib is sporting the spooky colours, orange and black. It’s the first year that our daughter Emily is kind of grasping the concept of taking candy from strangers. The last two years, I basically made her my …

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Terror and Terpsichore

Don’t say you haven’t been warned. From October 28 to November 1, the Guild Hall will be chockablock with fire, brimstone, and all kinds of devilish mayhem. In addition to its annual Haunted House fright-fest, this year the Guild is joining forces with the Varietease burlesque troupe to co-produce a music-and-dance extravaganza that’s too hot …

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Hunt or be Hunted

Zombies. Would you be ready to fend for yourself if the undead filled the streets? If you haven’t thought about it yet, you’re already behind. But that’s okay, because Whitehorse resident Christi Mathews is throwing a party that will have you zombified. After putting on a successful Halloween party last October, Christi Mathews and six …

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Halloween: A Call for Inaction

Regular readers might know me as a generally cranky person, not likely to give out candy freely at any time of year. Today, I will not prove you wrong. The percentage of adults that enjoy Halloween is roughly equivalent to that of co-workers who enjoy staff meetings; there’s the one eager person who likes to …

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Evidence Inconclusive, But the Place is Still Freaky

Jude Griebel’s first book, Footsteps in The Macaulay House, deals with a favourite Dawson City topic — ghosts. The Vancouver-based painter and sculptor first heard spooky stories about the house, located on Princess and 7th Avenue, in 2003 from a former resident who had stayed at The Macaulay House as part of the artist residency …

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Spooky Noises are Okay, but No More Showing Up in the Flesh

Imagine working alone in an older building where, on occasion, people have seen ghosts, heard them walking around, and had them messing with their stuff. It’s not that freaky as long as you don’t believe in ghosts. Jenny Hamilton is the Guild’s general manager, and she’s a general skeptic. However, when she saw a ghost …

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Halloween: The Best of Fall

With its love of secrecy, dark passions and spooky details, Halloween is an irresistible theme for holiday decorating. A holiday that appeals to adults and children alike, Halloween is time where you can fantasize (who doesn’t want to be a super hero for a day?) frolic and have a whole lot of fun. From ghosts …

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Dare to Scare … Celebrate Halloween with Some Ghoulish Fun

In our home, there is no holiday more fun to celebrate than Halloween. With bewitching tales and frightening decorations, Halloween is one holiday where you can pull out all the stops for some mischievous fun. There are many creative and inspiring ways to celebrate Halloween. This season, cast a welcoming spell on your front entrance. …

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Didee & Didoo – Poem “​Muskrat and Beaver Story”

Muskrat and Beaver Story This story is from a long time ago when Muskrat an’ Beaver met at Old Crow. Beaver was swimming up the Porcupine River an’ Muskrat was swimming down the river. Crow mountain Muskrat went to climb Beaver wondered why it took him a long time. Beaver swam around in the slough …

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A No-Holds-Barred Halloween Smackdown!

The sexiness and sass of Varietease combined with the high energy, easy-to-dance-to rockabilly stylings of Sasquatch Prom Date. Throw in a promises-to-be-scary haunted house, bat girls hanging from the ceiling, prizes for best costume, not to mention two bars, and Halloween at the Yukon Convention Centre looks to be the place to be on Saturday, …

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On ghouls and garages

The emo wreath of skulls and black flowers hanging off our front door says it all. Halloween is coming. Fortean times have arrived. The real boon of this holiday isn’t just about recycling those old black and orange wrapped toffee candies. (Speaking of which, someone should carbon-date those things. I’m pretty sure we’ve been communally …

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Bear Country: A Tale of Two Halloweens

Halloween is a big event along the Hudson Bay coast. Along with the costumed trick-or-treaters you can find an armed patrol of RCMP, Manitoba Conservation Officers and community volunteers all dispatched to ensure that no polar bears enter the community. Before the sun rises, Manitoba Conservation’s Polar Bear Alert program begins their daily patrol for …

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Halloween Happenings Round-up

Halloween Spooktacular-Saturday, Oct. 27 Location: The Legion Hall, 503 Steele Street Time: 8 p.m.-2 a.m. Tickets: $20, available both in advance and at the door The Halloween Spooktacular will be a dance and costume party for ages 19 and up, with a DJ spinning a mix of top 40 and Halloween specials, a full bar, …

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What Your Favourite Candy Says About You

Welcome to the annual celebration of low impulse control known as Halloween. Children can anticipate the sheer volume and variety of candy tha t is bound their way. For adults, Halloween presents a more complex decision-making task. That is, which candy to purchase for the Halloween night giveaway. For some, buying candy is merely a …

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