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Audrey Levesque is the creator and maker of Made by Auds. She designs, cuts and sews her small garment collection from a room in a Gold rush-era hotel in Dawson City.

It’s a cultured Canada Day in Mayo

The Mayo Arts Festival and Canada Day celebrations are highlights during the summer. Everybody is looking forward to the celebrations, and preparations have already started.

Handmade with passion

Take a drive south of Whitehorse, using the mountain range and tall pines as your guide, you will find yourself in the lovely community of Carcross. In this little hub works a very talented jeweller, Shelley MacDonald.

Yukon built entrepreneurs

Third generation, born-and-raised Yukoners, brothers Myles, 26 and Tanner Hougen, 24 have begun their own journey into the Yukon entrepreneurial market.

Yukon Chic

It’s a long time before a fashion designer will stage a runway down a catwalk of the snow-laden Millennium Trail, yet the Yukon does uphold a clothing culture. Our style parallels our environment. This leads Yukoners to a distinctive style. If there were fashion police upholding the laws of Yukon style, any Yukoner without an …

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A Birthday Celebration Worth Driving To

The 14th annual Mayo Arts Festival offers a unique way to celebrate Canada’s birthday. Ring in Canada Day on Friday, July 1 with artists, workshops and musicians from the Stewart River Valley alongside colourful celebrations. This free, homegrown festival showcases talent from Keno City, Elsa, Mayo and Stewart Crossing – some of the best-kept secrets …

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Teen Valentine

So what are teen relationships like on Valentine’s Day? Well, the answer may surprise you. It is actually one of the most stressful days of the year. For girls we look to it with heightened anticipation, but there’s also some stress. All of a sudden we have to figure out our partner’s likes and dislikes …

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Winter Is Not Coming

I’ve been online shopping. Specifically, I’ve been fixated on merino wool base layers on Amazon. Researching sizes, the best weave weight, which tops will work both as under and outer wear, what brands won’t pill. I’ve found some that are half price! With free shipping! And in the seven days since I’ve been home I’ve …

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Pop-up Fashion

Jessica Vallenga has an eye for quality-made clothes; she is an artist trained in textiles, and she makes clothes. She turns embroidery into pendants and earrings, and she makes lingerie. As well as making clothing, Vallenga keeps her eyes peeled for second-hand finds wherever she goes. Most recently, it was Seattle, where she found a …

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Yukoners Show Off Fashions to Visitors

There was a group showing of fashions close to home on Feb. 22. One Alaskan and several Yukon designers showcased their talents at the evening round-up of the Business Without Borders conference held at the Westmark Whitehorse. Local models promenaded in a tea-room style fashion show in the banquet room of the hotel. The audience …

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It’s All About the Visuals

Yukon designers, models and photographers work in tandem to showcase the “haute-est” trends from the coolest people in the North and, according to photographer Christian Kuntz, it’s all about the pictures. From blue jeans and bush boots to stilettos and silk, Kuntz re-interprets fashion through a lens. Born in France and schooled as a furniture …

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Healing and Transformation: Ravenstail Weaving

“A woman needs to have an art form,” says Tlingit Tutchone master weaver Ann Smith. And she feels a responsibility to pass on the art of weaving to the next generation of First Nations women – which is exactly what she and Alaskan Tlingit Chilkat master weaver Clarissa Rizel will do during the Adäka Cultural …

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Everything Old is New Again (or, ‘Pump It Up’)

Brace yourself, Yukon. There are strange things coming to the North this summer, and I am not just speaking of the various transients descending shortly. I guess it is not a for sure, but if Toronto and Montréal (the so-called meccas of Canadian fashion) are any indication, the Klondike will soon be under the same …

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My Nostalgia Train Just Derailed

You usually have two choices with your past: you can let it either haunt or inform you. Certainly one choice is likely healthier, perhaps nobler than the other, as we all progress to becoming happy, balanced individuals. Upon much reflection on the subject of my past, I’ve been examining both angles, worrying on the same …

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Klondike Catwalk

In a show of pre-season energy akin to athletes’ pre-game excitement, Parks Canada interpreters Carrie Docken and Carly Sims gallantly put on their copies of 100-year-old fashion and posed for What’s Up Yukon last week in Dawson City. Sims’ tea dress is a replica of the styles Martha Black and other Klondike pioneering women, of …

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Affected by Festivals

Coachella, Shambhala, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo! What language am I speaking? I’m speaking music festivals, maaan. We’ve all been to one, and we’ve all earned that piece of clothing we wear proudly like a badge. A band T-shirt is something that will forever be in style. I’ve saved all of mine so my kids can one day …

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Young Designers on Display

Activity flurries in the dressing room, as last-minute touch-ups are hurriedly applied, bows are re-tied and glitter is sprinkled liberally over waiting arms and faces. Outside, an expectant crowd lines the raised, T-shaped stage. But it won’t be the latest Coco Chanel or Dolce and Gabbana fashions paraded down the aisle at this fashion show. …

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