Fathers and Sons

The sordid saga of ‘Shoeless Joe’

Shoeless Joe is the only player in baseball history to win multiple World Series as a pitcher for one team and a home run hitter for another; a distinction that will last forever.

The Other Side of a Light Story

A few weeks ago, in a light-hearted piece about bucket lists, I mentioned a trip to England with my father 20 years ago this month. I’m a little hesitant about writing a sequel some readers may find a bit too personal, or even disturbing, but you know what they say about rushing in where angels …

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Talk Daddy To Me

I arrive in Ontario on a Monday at 1 a.m. It’s late on a work night and the airport is an hour’s drive from home, but my father is here to pick me up, having made it clear when I booked the flight it was no problem for him. It’s the cheapest option that gets …

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The Survivor Tree

Germany: a land of farms and old cities, and the destination of my travels every two years. It is a land with a past. Most towns here still hold scars of war in the form of bunkers that are sprawled throughout the country. A reminder of what once was. One such reminder is a tree. …

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Jay vs. the Terrible Twos

Living in Old Crow is not for everybody, but it does have its advantages.  It’s a quiet town with good people where you can enjoy the scenery and live at a slower pace. The rest of the world is far away, and if you can get by without the allure of “urban treats”, then you’ll …

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Dads Can Be Moms, Too

My name is Jay and I’m a stay at home dad. It wasn’t always this way. A few months ago my wife and I were working full-time in Whitehorse and our two-year-old daughter Emily was whisked off to daycare, where she played and learned with other toddlers. I saw Emily about an hour a day, …

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Go where the music takes you

From the gritty, primal rhythms to the lingering, sweet slide of steel guitar; and from the soulful roots of jazz to the vintage romance of classical guitar – and so much more – the music of Fathers & Sons takes you places you never thought you would go. “Sometimes it sounds like you’re kind of …

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Pancakes and Pie

It’s a sunny Sunday in Dawson, the first day of a new month. I am standing by the window at our kitchen counter eating a beetroot sandwich (toasted Calabrese bread, cheddar cheese, pickled beets, cucumber, tomato, and baby dill pickles with a sprinkle of ground pepper), watching two ravens play tag and thinking about my …

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Unpacking Memory

What is memory? Where does it live? Where can it take you? Who does it belong to? What is it like to live without it? These are some of the questions at the heart of Broken, a new play by Whitehorse theatre maker Brian Fidler that opened this week in as a Nakai Ramshackle Theatre …

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