Issue: 2021 February 10

Didoo survived without these things

Didoo survived without an electric knife. Didoo survived without an electric kettle. Didoo survived without a microwave. Didoo survived without a toaster. Didoo survived without a dryer. Didoo survived without a washer. Didoo survived without a vacuum cleaner. Didoo survived without an electric toothbrush. Didoo survived without an electric egg beater. Didoo survived without an …

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Senior versus Snowmageddon

This is not a “fish tale.” I heard accounts of snowfall beyond normal, but there was “factual” info to confirm the enormity of the situation

King of the Medevacs – Part 2

I argue that if Laserich had been American, I would not be telling you this story. You would have already seen it on the big screen.

Dog Culture – Juma

Yukon’s Best Friend: Juma’s stick stash from our walks behind Takhini North

Sometimes we need to surrender

I’ve seen The Hanged Man provoke fear, but this Tarot card (mostly) comes in peace. Take note of your initial response to the hanging figure and keep that response in your back pocket.

Rendezvous Event

We Will Rendezvous

Rendezvous weekend takes place Feb. 26 to Feb. 28, with a mix of in-person and outdoor action.

Post-holiday baking projects

I’ve wanted to make savoury thumbprint cookies forever, so once the spruce needles were swept up, the decorations put back in their boxes and the cookie tins fully emptied, I decided to give them a try.

Hot tips for cold camping

Let’s start from the ground up. There’s a reason thick sleeping pads are a hot item, so to speak. The more insulation you have from the ground, the more you’ll increase your warmth.

Ice road woes (and whoas)

I was driving back to Red Deer from Calgary the other day and got a speeding ticket in a blinding snowstorm. The cop told me there is a law in Alberta that states that speed limits are reduced to 80 km/h when winds exceed 70 km/h. I told him, in no uncertain terms, that I’d …

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Green talk with the Yukon Conservation Society

Evolving out of the old tradition of a Boxing Day bird hunt, where people competed to see who could shoot the most birds while walking off their Christmas feasts, birds have officially been counted, and the numbers compiled, by the American Audubon Society, since 1900.

Enjoy Dawson City films from the cozy comfort of your couch

Ever since Available Light Film Festival launched 19 years ago, it has brought to its audiences stories of different ways of life and different perspectives. This year, four films from Dawson City will be featured for online streaming across Canada.

Fall in love…

Love reading? Your local public library would like to make you a proposal – more free access to ebooks, audiobooks and online learning tools.
Throughout the month of February, the Yukon Public Library (YPL) system will be highlighting these new resources, along with ways for Yukoners to access them, with the New Reasons To Love You Library Campaign.

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