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Using their indoor voices

With the mainstage performances taking place indoors this year, one of the most difficult pieces of the Rendezvous puzzle is off Vikki Quocksister’s plate – trying to figure out how to keep everyone comfortable in an outdoor tent.

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Where Tradition and Youth Converge

The fiddling tradition is alive and well in the Yukon thanks to the Fiddleheads, a group of young fiddlers ranging in age from seven to fourteen years old. The local youth fiddle club is teaming up with groups in Haines Junction...

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Fiddling Through Time

It was a visit to the Yukon Transportation Museum that got Whitehorse fiddler and music teacher Keitha Clark thinking about an ambitious project for the 25 young Whitehorse musicians known collectively as the Fiddleheads....

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Katie Avery Prepares to Release Solo Album

Katie Avery is a classically trained violinist, but folk and traditional fiddle music is in her blood. She’s just recorded her first solo album, which she describes as being, “inspired by all the beautiful people I have...

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What’s the ‘Rush’?

“I have a lot of fun with Dot,” says Trish Barclay, her eyes squinting into a voice that sounds like it belongs to a pirate.That needs an explanation.Barclay says her character and that of “Bert”, played...

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