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Fiona Solon

Play that funky music

Any Yukon music fan should be familiar with Major Funk—the raw live energy and mechanical tightness the band boasts often makes them the talking point of shows and festivals in the territory.

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There’s a New Drummer in Town

Meet Lee Campese, Yukon’s most recent import and the latest addition to the groovy rhythmic assemblage, Major Funk and the Employment.Campese, who has been drumming for 18 years, is no stranger to the spotlight, but this summer...

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Splattering Comedy

Whitehorse, it seems, has such an insatiable appetite for high-camp horror that the Guild Theatre has added another week to its run of Evil Dead: The Musical.The spring break-themed romp comes with a caution: if you intend to...

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Tantalizing Varietease Returns

Varietease VI: A Burlesque Carnival is the Yukon’s very own burlesque variety show.Varietease runs every second year. This is an on-year, Oct. 25 to 29 at the Yukon Arts Centre.This year’s theme is a repeat of the 2009 carnival...

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Big, Loud and Funky

Make no mistake, Major Funk and the Employment is a big band with a big sound and big plans. It has also had some big personnel changes since bassist Etienne Girard put the group together two years ago.”We wanted to have a...

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His Saturn Returned and He’s Heading Out

Saturn is somewhere in its grand orbit when you’re born. When it comes round again, 29.5years later, astrologers say it can mean big changes in your life.For Whitehorse musician Jona Barr, it was during his own period of Saturn...

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