Women fight fire

Life after Ember Fire Academy Many ancient civilizations had a form of organized firefighting. The earliest recorded fire services was in Ancient Rome. Firefighting became more organized from the 18th century onwards. In 1818, Molly Williams, a New York City slave, was recorded as being the first female firefighter in the United States. In the …

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A spark in the spring

What happens when the fire is out and the cat is rescued from the tree? Look no further than the Whitehorse Firefighters Charitable Society (WFCS) to find out that when the job is done, they just keep helping people. The society is an extension of what firefighters do while on the job, but it gives them …

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Looking after each other

in 1996, the Mount Lorne fire hall opened it’s doors with a 1977 Ford cabover truck with an 800-gallon tank and a 125 horsepower pump

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