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Fit ‘n’ Healthy

Pilates and older adults

For us of the older generation, staying fit is essential, but so many exercises can be hard on our bodies. Pilates offers a great way to stay in shape without stressing your joints, improves balance and actually reduces the risk of injury while it helps you build muscle.

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Warrior fit

Fellow gym heroes, this an article for you – or for anyone who wants to take their fitness to the extreme level. 
I am going to go over a circuit obstacle course that’s easy to create, but will challenge you.

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Gearing up for Bike to Work Week

A new trend in hairstyles is likely to emerge in workplaces across the country during the first week of June: helmet hair. From May 30th to June 5th, Canadians will be hitting the pavement and the trails on their bikes as part...

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Didee & Didoo: My Gym

’When I mention my gym, it doesn’t have a basketball rim.My gym is the great outdoors, I share it with animals on all fours.I share my gym with the bear where there’s lots of fresh air.I share my gym with the porcupine where...

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