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Food For Thought Columnist Katherine Belisle is a registered holistic nutritionist and medical intuitive. She ha a private practice and enjoys wring and teaching on a variety of topics related to natural health and healing. Contact her at [email protected]

Get Pickled!

This is my favorite time of year. The harvests are in, and whether you garden or purchase from local farms, this is when you can preserve a nourishing, tasty abundance of food for the winter.There are many ways to do this — drying, freezing, and fermenting retains the most nutrients. Canning preserves minerals, but most …

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Summer Insomnia

Most of us attribute summer fatigue to long days, late nights and too much to do. For some people, though, summer insomnia is more complicated and serious than that. Without proper rest, we cannot be sufficiently restored and recuperated. Our bodies become vulnerable, our minds go dull, and our spirits wither. It is no way …

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The Power of Enzymes is Now

If you’re pressed for time, as most of us are, summer is good news. Gone are winter days with their demand for labour-intensive, heated meals. Salads, smoothies, and other raw entrees feel good to eat on hot days, and you don’t have to cook. Plus, fresh foods fill our bodies with nutrients and enzymes that …

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Filling in the Gaps

This is the last article of the series. We’ve looked at the ineffectiveness of synthetic nutrients, benefits of nutrient-dense foods, and explored how to improve digestion to make the most of what we eat. Still, many people also choose to support their health with supplements. Here are some tips to consider when selecting a product. …

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Digesting the Facts

In part one and two of this series, we investigated the effectiveness of synthetic supplements and looked at the natural food sources of our most needed nutrients. Yet, even with a proper diet, health still eludes some people. What gives? Although there are many reasons for poor health, most of them start with a compromised …

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Can Food Be Your Medicine?

In part one of this four-part series, we looked at some discouraging reports on the effectiveness of synthetic vitamins and minerals. So, the question now is – how can we obtain the nutrients we need from food? Every person is biochemically unique, so nutritional requirements vary greatly by person and age. Our needs are affected …

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Do Supplements Even Work?

As a nutritionist, I am often asked about the effectiveness and necessity of taking various vitamin and mineral supplements. Answers are rarely straightforward. This article series will explore why. Supplements are thought to buffer against deficiencies and disease, help manage chronic health conditions and aid recovery. A Statistics Canada survey of 35,107 Canadians found that …

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