Food Security

Whitehorse: The Edible City

At the downtown community garden in Whitehorse, a beekeeper tends to the newly built beehive in the fading evening light. Nearby, a gardener waters his small plot of potatoes, beans, and lettuce – a zucchini plant takes up a quarter of his raised bed box. Vegetables grow in plots on the other side of the …

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Feeding the Hungry is a Vital Community Service

The Dawson Food Bank and the Dawson Women’s Shelter are busy organizing their annual Holiday Hamper Program and Food Drive. It’s designed to assist individuals and families in the community who might need a little boost to get them through the Christmas season. Donations of non-perishable food items can be dropped off at either the …

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Better Together

The Potluck Community Co-op is ready for its next step. For the past year and a half the Potluck, focused on ‘good food’ beginning with local and organic, has run a weekly pop-up shop with online ordering. While ‘breaking even’ according to board member Bernie Hoeschele, the little business has been challenged by wanting to …

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Home Grown

The phrase “food security” is becoming common, and it can be interpreted in several different ways. Whether it is a lack of food due to environmental conditions, the inability to access nutritious food because of financial restraints, or the lack of food due to remote location — these are all are considered examples of “food …

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Local Food, Local Politics

Food has been in the news. A lot of it has to do with the issue of food security, food safety and the costs of the food we eat. Locally, we’re working hard, literally, to make sure we have an adequate supply of good, wholesome, sustainably produced food for an increasing portion of the year. …

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Considering Food Security

Well, it’s harvest time again. Whether you’re a gardener, hunter, berry picker or farmer, the freezer starts to fill up for us all. Not so long ago everyone did some sort of fall harvest and food preservation. Large chains of supermarket type stores have almost done away with this sort of practice. It is possible …

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