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From The Arts columnist Nicole Bauberger is a painter, writer and performer living in Whitehorse.

Fantasy in Miniature

Fantasy in Miniature, brings a little magic. Sharing the Planet features butterflies & moths. Both are at Arts Underground.

Fresh Art for the Territory’s Newest Gallery

Gallery 22 takes wing with its first solo show. Dan Bushnell’s ravens fly through areas of layered colour or urban environments across the gallery’s white walls above Triple J’s Music shop. Straight black paint, sometimes with blended-in white highlights, carry the shapes and forms of Bushnell’s ravens. These ravens inhabit an abstract or urban environment, …

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What Masks Reveal

At the Northern Front Studio this January, you can visit a variety of inner worlds in Whitehorse resident Claire Strauss’ exhibition of face-based wall sculptures, called The Mask Within. While this art show is part memorial for Strauss’ father, each piece creates its own whimsical world, incorporating a joy beyond the bounds of grief. Many …

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Get Your Greens

Whet your appetite for lunch on Lillian Loponen’s new canvases at the Yukon College Hilltop Bistro this fall. The show, called Touch of Green: Enchanted Places, explores the colour green in washes and gestural brushstrokes. The show will be on display at the College’s fine dining lunch restaurant until mid December. Jacqueline Bedard, the Director …

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Tobogganing, Adult-Style

The last time I was sledding with Casey Lee McLaughlin, she took me out at the knees. But then my dog rode her and her crazy carpet down the hill, like a snowy surfer, growling at the base of her neck. So that was okay. McLaughlin loves sledding. Her weapon of choice is a crazy …

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Main Street Confidential

So… have you gone to the Yukon Government Main Administrative Building to see your art yet? I understand, life gets busy. But I bet you’re on Main Street once in awhile. There, you’ll find three Yukon Government offices that serve as public exhibition spaces from the Yukon Permanent Collection — art that belongs to the …

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Two New Galleries and Many Small Fishies: Back streets and Main Street

Another one caught: Ceramic artist Sam Dickie went to Dawson City as Artist in Residence with KIAC and created a show called Stand in the Odd Gallery last fall. And then — like so many others — she fell prey to the spell of the Yukon. She and her partner and one-year-old daughter MacKenzie were …

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Inspiration From the Northern Seas

Glaciers calve into the ocean. A polar bear lounges and stretches. The rigging creaks as the canvas sails fill with wind. One walrus surfaces. And every night lasts 15 minutes longer, while dawn and dusk stretch on for hours. Whitehorse artist Jane Isakson digests these experiences, which she will develop into large-scale acrylic canvases over …

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