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Frost To Frost

Winter: A Season for Change

“The more things change the more they stay the same” and “The only constant in life is change” are both very cliche and very true.In some sense farming and gardening means things are staying the same. We usually use the same...

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Winter is Coming

Over the past few years the gardens have been producing more and more vegetables. So, come fall we start to look for places to store the root crops for the winter.Our main root crops are potatoes and carrots, which need a dark,...

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Training For the Yukon

Recently we went down south for a family visit. At the time it was still very much winter here in the Yukon.Down there the snow was melting, there were puddles everywhere and it felt like spring. If it had been like that up here...

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A Friend For Schwartz

Schwartz has been our only dog for the past few years. For the most part he seems to beokay, although he does enjoy playing with other dogs when he gets the chance. But being the only dog can be lonely for an animal that would...

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Farmers Need Funds, Too

If you ate today, thank a farmer. If you know where your food comes from, thank them even more. Knowing where your food comes from can be a challenge, especially in the North.Why should a person support a local farmer when the...

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February Seedlings

Anything can happen in February, weather-wise. It can be -30°C one day and 5°C a few days later. The sun can be very warm and the spring starts diminishing the snow and icing-up the roads.January is a month of hibernation and...

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Bigger is Not Always Better

In the 1970s farmers in the United States were told to “get big or get out” as a way to promote larger, corporately owned farms.Since that time, the population of people living on farms dropped from 25 percent to 2 percent, with...

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Home Grown

The phrase “food security” is becoming common, and it can be interpreted in several different ways.Whether it is a lack of food due to environmental conditions, the inability to access nutritious food because of financial...

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