Fumi Torigai

Hidden Memories Revealed at Fringe Festival

Five years ago Hidden Memories started as a one-act play Lillian Nakamura Maguire drafted to improve her dialogue skills for a creative writing class. Now the full-length version will be featured in the Vancouver Fringe Festival’s Advance Theatre: New Works by Diverse Women on September 13. “It’s the first time Hidden Memories will be read …

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No Orchestra? No Problem

Trying to provide professional-calibre orchestral music in a small northern city can be … well, problematic. Just ask Daniel Janke.  “The main problem is we don’t have an orchestra. We live in a community where the demographic doesn’t really provide for all the players we need.” Still, skilled performers continue to move to the Yukon, …

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Noh Comes to Town

Whitehorse audience will have a rare opportunity next week to experience a form of classical Japanese theatre that dates back almost 700 years. Although not as well-known in Western circles as the other two main types of Japanese theatre, Kabuki (dance-drama) and Bunraku (puppet theatre), Noh theatre commands a respected place in Japanese culture. Some …

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From Japan to the Yukon

What are your names? Fumi Torigai, and my wife is Taeko Torigai. How many children do you have? We have two children: a daughter who lives here in Whitehorse and works for YTG doing mine reclamation work, and our son works as a computer specialist in Calgary. How long have you lived in Canada? Since …

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