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Games and Hobbies

Drinking with Scissors

Do you like crafting, socializing with friends—perhaps with a beverage or two—in a casual, relaxed yet well-lit atmosphere, complete with pinball machines to take a break and try your game expertise? Then Drinking with Scissors is for you.

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Embrace your inner geek!

This year, the Yukon Comic Culture Society will be scaling back Yukomicon, and in lieu of hosting a full-blown Con, they will hold the Get Your Geek On! craft fair on August 25 at the Gold Rush Inn Town Hall. The scope and cost...

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Dancing with the stars

August 24 to Saturday, August 25. Additionally, the Star Party being in the summer this time around will mean warmer weather for a better turnout. Last year’s events during October put some people off attending due to the cold...

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