Gift Giving

A Clutterless Christmas

This year, commit to giving presents that will be useful, meaningful and appreciated. There are many (so many!) options for Yukoners to consider if you just think a little creatively.

The humiliation of having a 5-cent timepiece

In the hyper-sensitive world of childhood, an ill-chosen word can sometimes have a devastating impact, even if no harm is intended. I’m not talking about the kind of taunting, bullying talk that was unfortunately common on the playgrounds of my youth and is still far too prevalent today. I mean a casual, harmless remark – often …

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Winter Anticipation

December is the Friday of the year. The whole month is filled with giddy anticipation for the budding winter wonderland, parallel to the giddy anticipation one feels for the weekend, while staring at the clock Friday afternoon. That’s when the wise ones will let us know that Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect. Our idealist …

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Everyone Matters

One of the philosophical pillars of the Learning Tree Daycare is to teach the kids there about helping other people. “Teaching kindness and all of that stuff, it all feeds into what we want the kids to be learning,” says Christine Greff, who directs the daycare’s programming. Teaching kindness was the impetus behind the first …

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A Family Tradition

When the hooligan are running, the rivers and harbour In Haines, Alaska host a fiesta of wildlife that congregate to feed on this little fish that First Nations prize for its high fat content. Sea gulls, eagles, sea lions and even whales feast on the bounty when it arrives. For generations, the local Tlingit people …

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Say it with a Craft Project

Mark your calendar: Feb. 11, between 6 and 9 p.m. is the All Ages Valentine Craft Night. This free public event is sponsored by YuKonstruct, located at 135 Industrial Road. Nominally priced kits for the special Valentine craft are available; step by step instructions for completion – and volunteers – will assist participants; and miscellaneous …

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Holiday Gift Guide

As we enter the holiday season where advertising, social media, and storefronts are shouting at us about all the things there are to buy, one might wonder whether all this shopping will lead to anyone’s happiness. Researchers out of Cornell University had a similar thought. Thomas Gilovich and  Amit Kumar published their research in the …

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Is Male Bling the Next Big Thing?

With Father’s Day here, I’d love to get the special dads in my life some shiny trinkets as a token of my admiration. Not fishing lures, not a Leatherman, certainly not an iPhone, but something more sentimental — like jewellery. The problem is that most of the men I know don’t wear jewellery. Men who …

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Northern Gifts

Some gifts take time sinking in; others stare you in the face. We, our family of four in a VW Beetle, arrived late in Watson Lake on October 1, 1957, and awoke in a strange house, beside the lake. Outside, in brilliant sun, and “a silence you most could hear,” as Robert Service described it, …

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Buys for Guys

You have a problem. Through no fault of your own you have acquired a “Guy.” This is to say a human male and not a “guy” in the old sense of the word (which, for those of you who don’t know, would be an effigy of noted explosives enthusiast Guy Fawkes). Your Guy could be …

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Extreme Christmas Shopping

Let me begin by saying happy holidays to each and every one of you.  I know that gets said a lot this time of year but I wholeheartedly mean it. Not in the way that “jelly of the month club” voucher from the boss you’ve never seen does, but truly from the very bottom of …

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Save Those Seeds!

A few years ago I received a delightful gift consisting of an assortment of home-grown, home-dried tomato and pepper seeds. What a delightful gift, I thought, and with Christmas only around four months away, now is the time to try saving seeds from your own plants to share, give as gifts or keep for next …

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Christmas for Farmers

I love Christmas … the lights that light up Main Street, the smells of Christmas baking, the excitement of wrapping up secrets and putting them under the tree. I love just about everything about Christmas … except the commercialization of it. So when doing my shopping, I try to look for things that haven’t been …

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