Google the Top of the World

Located on the northeastern corner of Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, Quttinirpaaq National Park is Canada’s northernmost national park. Until recently it was virtually inaccessible to your average earthling. Quttinirpaaq just became a bit more reachable with the completion of a partnership project between Parks Canada and Google Street View, which aims to increase access to …

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The Sourtoe celebrated as a “Hidden Wonder” of the World

Just a week or so ago the newly published Atlas Obscura, subtitled, “An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders,” arrived on my desk sporting an enthusiastic recommendation from fantasy and comic book writer, Neil Gaiman. That’s not true any more, there have been at least half a dozen substitute toes since that time. One was …

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It’s a Men’s Issue

Dear Peter – My brain was obviously on hold when I read your email requesting an article for the Men’s Issue. Somehow, I got the impression you wanted a learned treatise on men’s issues. For two weeks, I Googled like a madman and slogged through mountains of books, magazines, and journals, chasing down every nuance …

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A game: Google Golf

This is where we have some fun. I will throw out a challenge and we will see how you, the reader, throw it back. I call this challenge, “Google Golf” because the lower the score, the better. Here are the rules: 1.Go to 2.Type in three words with plus signs in front of each …

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A Dawson Virtual Tour

I discovered Google Earth a few years ago. Our son was spending the winter in Fort Nelson and we figured out that Google Earth would allow us to zoom in on the street where he was living, actually find the hotel and move, in a jerky, foreshortened way, between there and other places that he …

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Google Gardeners

I made my first real gardening faux pas this week. I cut down the rhubarb. All of it. Sawing through the base of the stalks with a kitchen knife, the adrenaline rush was intense as the stalks fell, one by one, their huge leaves making satisfying crashes. I got really into it, hacking the leaves …

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