Hiking: Other Essentials

In previous columns, I’ve talked about food, tents, packs, boots, foot care and outer garments. Now let’s look at other things that range from nearly essential to nice-to-have. Cleanliness needs can be met with biodegradable products, or with a part bar of soap from the bathroom and a small shampoo from the travel section of …

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E.T. Call P.C.

During my daily walks with the dogs in the woods between Porter Creek and the college, I can’t help noticing long straight corridors cut through the trees. At first, I naturally assumed these were the Whitehorse equivalent of the lines on the Nazca Desert in southern Peru that Erich von Däniken (Chariots of the Gods?) …

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Ice Fishing, Part 1 of 2

In southern Canada’s ice-fishing season, lakes have been traditionally dotted with wooden ice huts or shanties. These are frozen in places with propane or home-built oil drip stoves to keep the anglers warm.  Rarely in the Yukon have I seen such huts, but occasionally a collapsible tarp and plywood structure are seen.  The modern ice-angler …

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The Mount Before Christmas

Every once in awhile, the universe and karma come together in some truly spectacular ways. So here is my story … so far. As most of you know by reading these columns, I am an avid fan of obtaining used astronomy equipment and attempting to restore them back to life. This is a great way …

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