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Graeme Peters

Inspiring on stage

On January 15, Tentrees was joined on the small Hamilton and Son stage for his 90-minute performance by Amelia Rose Slobogean (fiddle) and Graeme Peters (guitar). The trio explored some of their new works and shared their crafting experiences and inspirations of the pieces, displaying a rare chance to see the creative process through someone else’s eyes.

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Local songwriter releases debut album

Last year Lara Lewis took some time off rocks to focus on rock.Now the Whitehorse-based geologist/songwriter is gearing up to release her first full-length album, Lov Lavatic, on Thursday, Oct. 19 at The Old Fire Hall.“It...

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A marriage of funk and soul

“I’ve always wanted to come back and share what Yukoners have helped me build,” says Jesse Peters.”Hey, you guys got me started and here is where I am and I want to thank you so much.”The Yukon Arts...

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Peters Drury Trio—then and now

If you lived in the Yukon in the 90s, then you know the Peters Drury Trio.There was Caroline Drury with her crystal-clear voice; there was Graeme Peters, wildly talented on the drums and, well, just wild; and there was his...

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A fresh longest night

In an interview, two weeks before Longest Night 2009, director Daniel Janke said the evening was still a mystery to him.”I’ve been writing new material – we are all writing new material – so there is not much that...

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Dancing to Graeme Peters’ Pain

Someone must have hurt Graeme Peters really badly because he’s gone completely emo on us.Emo, for those of you unfamiliar with punk subgenres, is about reaching into your own chest and tearing out the aching heart inside...

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