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A Clutterless Christmas

This year, commit to giving presents that will be useful, meaningful and appreciated. There are many (so many!) options for Yukoners to consider if you just think a little creatively.

Sweet-smelling success

Becki Brauen, literally, began her business, Lilli Pie Lotions, in a garage six years ago. Literally, she pounded pavement and knocked on doors; she set up a table at Qwanlin Mall. Just like many craftspeople in the Yukon, she saw her first blush of success at Spruce Bog. Today, Brauen is the BDC’s Young Entrepreneur …

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No Future for Food, If There is No Future in Food-

From farm to plate, our food travels many miles and touches many hands. My generation saw the traditional farm gobbled up by corporate agri-business and the cost of food decrease markedly. Today, average consumers pay only 10 per cent of their income on food and the farmer/food producer is the lowest paid person on the …

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A Vision Ignited by Love for the Yukon

Bob Van Dijken is a man of deep convictions and strong opinions, but what’s odd is the way he expresses them. Amid the barrage of aggressive sound bites and amped-up election campaigns that we usually suffer through, Van Dijken’s thoughtfully expressed sentiments are an anomaly – but a refreshing anomaly. Van Dijken came to the …

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