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Grizzly Valley Farms

Bigger is Not Always Better

In the 1970s farmers in the United States were told to “get big or get out” as a way to promote larger, corporately owned farms.Since that time, the population of people living on farms dropped from 25 percent to 2 percent, with...

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Home Grown

The phrase “food security” is becoming common, and it can be interpreted in several different ways.Whether it is a lack of food due to environmental conditions, the inability to access nutritious food because of financial...

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Saving the Harvest

One of a gardener’s goals at the end of summer is to preserve the food harvested. This takes many forms , from allowing a potato to set skin so it won’t dehydrate in storage, to the pickling root crops , to the canning of...

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Butcher Day Death with dignity

Death is a part of life, without death no one could live. Even vegetarians’ diets put an end to life. By eating a carrot, for example, there is no way for the veggie to naturally finishing its lifecycle, and produce seeds.This...

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Seed saving

Seed saving is a time-honored way of keeping certain plant traits growing. It used to be a common practice among gardeners.This year we have decided to keep seed from some of our vegetables. The challenge is to prevent similar...

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Living in the Yukon, people want to enjoy summer to the fullest, “summer” being those 14 to 21 days randomly sprinkled across June, July, and August. Gardeners are no different.The perception of many is that a long, hot summer...

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