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Produce Your Own Enjoyment

It’s a rainy Sunday at the end of June; Ben Harper’s Fight for your Mind is playing loudly in Devon Yacura’s kitchen. The air smells like sweet porridge. On the stove is a wide, tall stainless steel pot. It’s a fancy pot; it has a spigot on the bottom, and close to the spigot is …

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U-Brew Basics

Not long after I met my partner I bought him a beer kit. This was in the mid-1990s, when microbreweries were starting to come into their own. I was still drinking Kokanee, but I would often pick up a six pack of Big Rock Traditional Ale as a diversion and because it was hip at …

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Cheap Beer!

Now that we have your attention . . . . Let’s pretend that you, our readers, wrote us letters. We imagine one of them would go like this: Dear Beer Cache, I’ve been reading your article for months now, and gee, it’s just wonderful! I never miss an article. What a great addition you are …

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U(wanna) Brew?

Ever thought about U-brewing? It’s just another brick in the wall of beer enjoyment, and other than the method they use for actually producing the beer (full/partial mash or beer kit), U-Brews everywhere are pretty much the same. The Whitehorse outlet, U-Brew Yukon, guarantees 44 bottles (500ml) per batch. You can purchase plastic bottles and caps …

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A Happy Accident

I can understand how they discovered wine. You squash grapes. Wild yeast on grape skins devours the sugary liquid and voila! Sociables. But how on earth did they figure out beer? You have to grow barley, dry it and then—most critically—malt it, which means you need to add water to the grains to get them …

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Too Much Like Funkytown

If your beer tastes like cardboard, you might want to reconsider drinking it. It was probably stored in a heated room, which accelerated the oxidation process, creating that flat, wet paper flavour. If you crack a bottle of your buddy’s homebrew and have to wrap your lips around the end of the bottle to staunch …

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