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Wanna see my art on the cover

On this year’s cover of NorthwesTel’s 2018/19 phone directory is Gabrielle Watts’ sensational painting, Mount Lorne From Above.

Sourdough Rendezvous Dereen Hildebrand Business Decor Contest

Ready, set, paint your windows!

Brenda Buren (left) and Lindsay Agar (right) present staff from BMO ribbons for Best Bank and Best Overall in the 2017 Business Decor Competition Yukon businesses have been celebrating Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous with window painting and decorating for decades. The festive atmosphere builds anticipation for the event and helps cultivate the Klondike Gold Rush-era feel …

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Oil lamps

In modern times oil or kerosene burning lamps are used more as part of décor than to throw light on a situation. People nowadays run electric lights – either battery powered or using electricity – from the grid or a small generator. Propane lights are also used, but to a lesser degree than 20 years …

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A conversation with Niki Greenough

People want to be creative, but they don’t necessarily want to have to have all the stuff it takes to do a craft. They can come here, pay the one price, and then take their piece home with them.

’50s Diner!

The first snow has settled in the border town of Beaver Creek, Yukon. Sid is preparing his house and museum for a long cold winter. 

Yukon Visitors

Everyone has a list of family and close friends that they feel the need to make an effort to visit every decade or so.  If you’re like me and your entire extended family lives outside the Yukon, they may be making an extra effort to come and see you, because (though geographically cumbersome) the Yukon …

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Steampunk Ball

The Steampunk Ball starts here

If you were on a committee to provide decorations for a dance, your shopping list will likely include balloons, streamers and crepe… lots of crepe. But not if you were decorating the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre for the Steampunk Ball 2.0 Tesla Boogaloo. Instead, you will need polished brass, iron, wood and leather for the …

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Halloween: The Best of Fall

With its love of secrecy, dark passions and spooky details, Halloween is an irresistible theme for holiday decorating. A holiday that appeals to adults and children alike, Halloween is time where you can fantasize (who doesn’t want to be a super hero for a day?) frolic and have a whole lot of fun. From ghosts …

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Celebrating Traditions of the Holiday Season

There are few holidays more revered in tradition than Christmas. In our hearts and minds, Christmas holds a special place all its own. For most of us, we recall the traditions of Christmas as nostalgia that takes us back to our childhood. Christmas traditions connect us to our past. Through the brightness of the Christmas …

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Kissing Underneath the Mistletoe

Long been a symbol of the holiday season, the infamous mistletoe — or modern-day kissing ball — has been placed in doorways and arches the world around. Kissing underneath the mistletoe is a sign of love, romance and prosperity. Christmas has a wide range of customs and traditions from many cultures and the meaning of …

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Dare to Scare … Celebrate Halloween with Some Ghoulish Fun

In our home, there is no holiday more fun to celebrate than Halloween. With bewitching tales and frightening decorations, Halloween is one holiday where you can pull out all the stops for some mischievous fun. There are many creative and inspiring ways to celebrate Halloween. This season, cast a welcoming spell on your front entrance. …

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Following a Festive Tradition

One of my favourite traditions of the holiday season is planting containers of amaryllis bulbs. The amaryllis is a beautiful and fascinating bulb. Among the easiest of bulbs to grow indoors, the amaryllis is enjoyed for the incredible trumpet-shaped flowers in an array of festive colours. The amaryllis flower grows on tall stems surrounded by …

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Christmas Cacti

As we approach the festive holiday season, the Christmas cacti comes into full bloom, illuminating holiday dècor with its exotic and abundant blossoms. This full-spectrum flowering plant often blooms just twice per year (most commonly prior to Easter and then again at Christmas), making this prodigious blooming plant symbolic of the nearing of Christmas. With …

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Magical Christmas Mantels

When I was a child, my father built a 12-foot-long stone fireplace in the centre of our living room. Little did I know, at the time, that this fireplace would become the special place where we would display family mementos and treasured holiday collectibles, creating lasting memories for generations. In many homes, the mantelpiece tops …

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