Back to school? Not for Me

As the summer comes to an end, I reflect on my first day as a homeschooler. It marked the day of a wonderful beginning of a new chapter.

Yukon Girl: The Homeschool Social in Tagish

There is a new program that has started in Tagish, it’s called the Homeschool Social. I interviewed the recreation director, Colin Hickman, and three Penner brothers who go to the social: Dalton (8), Dawson (7), and Alex (5). The Homeschool Social is a program a lot like the ones in Whitehorse, called Learning Lions and …

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Back to Homeschool

The first day of school is always fun at my house. We get up at 7 a.m. and have breakfast. Next we have bible time and go downstairs to the schoolroom where my mom gives us our school books, plus pencils, erasers, markers, etc. and tells us what to do. We sometimes get a little …

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100 Steps Further In

Faro-based artist Jackie Irvine set herself a challenge. What if she painted one painting a day for 100 days? Starting October 1, 2011 she did just that. And every day, even if she was stranded in Whitehorse without her acrylic paints, and had to go buy oil pastels to do it, she kept her commitment. …

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In Praise of Homeschooling

Most of my last year in elementary school was spent wondering what it would be like to be outside, instead of being in a crowded classroom looking at old pictures of art or memorizing a list of spelling words. By February, I wasn’t trying my best anymore and I was sleepwalking through each day. Being …

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