Horseback Riding

Welcome 30 Below!

I was just getting started on working with Hollywood, my horse, out in Mendenhall (our home) when my grandparents were talking about the weather one night. As I lay in bed I couldn’t help to listen in when I heard “30 below.” Yikes! Anyway, he sucked it up after 20 minutes of walking in a …

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4-H is Good for Kids

Kids and horses, life doesn’t get much better than that. 4-H is thriving in the Yukon. We are the Spirit Riders 4-H Horse Club, based in Whitehorse and loving everything. We are a district club operating under the umbrella of 4-H Yukon and regionally under 4-H British Columbia. 4-H has been around the Yukon for …

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Lipizzaner Stallions take the leap to Whitehorse

It is probably one of the most-asked questions surrounding the visit of the “World Famous” Lipizzaner Stallions on Wednesday, July 22: “How do they get the horses up here?” “A state-of-the-art tractor-trailer,” says Troy Tinker, the show’s master of ceremonies, over the phone. A live camera feed allows them to be observed during transport and …

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When Horse and Rider Become One

“Being able to bond and connect with a gigantic graceful creature is incredibly fulfilling,” says Meghan Larivee, a local equestrian enthusiast. “Being able to work on building a relationship with a different species and seeing an improvement over time is a wonderful thing. I love connecting with and being around animals so having one as …

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