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RCMP Musical Ride returns

“The best place to view the ride is from up high,” says Inge Sumanik. “But, for me, it is standing next to the fence and feeling the ground shake.”“The ride” that she refers to is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride....

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Horses of the Yukon

It is common knowledge that outfitting in the Yukon has been ongoing for over a hundred years and that outfitting horses roam feral, until needed. To this day you can spot the Dickson Outfitter horses roaming near the White...

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Forever Friends

Finally summer is back!!! I’m so excited but yet… I’d rather not be. It doesn’t sound right when I say it like that, but maybe my story will help this make a little more sense.This has been a busy year. The beginning...

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Domestic Bliss

Do you or someone you know love books almost as much as their pet? These three books draw on the animals in our outer lives to illuminate the complexity of our inner lives.For the Dog Lover: Where the Red Fern Grows, by Wilson...

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Welcome 30 Below!

I was just getting started on working with Hollywood, my horse, out in Mendenhall (our home) when my grandparents were talking about the weather one night. As I lay in bed I couldn’t help to listen in when I heard...

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Hunting with Gary Sam

along the north shore of Mayo Lake, up Keystone Creek and Pass, and then east along Granite and Roop creeks to Tiny Island Lake. The only trouble we had along the way was that one of the horses got stuck in the mud in a small...

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4-H is Good for Kids

Kids and horses, life doesn’t get much better than that. 4-H is thriving in the Yukon. We are the Spirit Riders 4-H Horse Club, based in Whitehorse and loving everything. We are a district club operating under the umbrella of...

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