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Amazing Volunteers

by Hospice Yukon, Yukon Learn and Volunteer Yukon The Yukon is full of amazing volunteers. Here are just a few people whose donation of their time and energy makes a difference in their communities Yukon Learn Audrey Lougheed has had a long connection with literacy in the Yukon. She was a founding member and on …

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Green Burial in the Yukon

What happens when a person dies? We don’t truly know the answer, but death does hold one certainty: a once animated body stills. We do know what happens to the bodies of the dead. The standard North American options are casket burial in a cemetery, or cremation. In most jurisdictions they are the only options …

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Hearts on the move

She removes her glasses, needle between thumb and forefinger, lifting another translucent gold bead from the white dessert dish in front of her. Suzanne Picot, office administrator for Hospice Yukon, is stitching another “Feelie Heart”. Her purple sweater and red-wool jacket mirror the colours of the palm-sized heart she holds with her fingers. “I love …

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Lights of Life … for everyone

A four-foot-something tree, adorned with angels, captures my attention as I enter Hospice Yukon. The lighting is soft and I am greeted warmly as I step through the door. Evelyn Kaltenbach, a volunteer who is finishing her training in Compassionate End of Life Care and Bereavement Support, smiles as she offers her hand, then leads …

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Travelling hearts

What is it that keeps a heart going? Well, aside from the obvious flesh-and-blood answers, it’s spirit … spirit that lives on when loved ones have passed on. And that is why a former Yukon Quest musher, Michelle Phillips, is preparing, once again, to carry Feelie Hearts in her sled basket as she races for …

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