Hot dog fried rice

Hot dogs are the perfect food, and this is a good way to incorporate more of a perfect food into your diet.

Leftover camping burritos

That last day of any wilderness trip can be dodgy when it comes to eating something beyond sustenance. Try this recipe.

Hot Dog Bánh Mì

Bánh mì hot dogs INGREDIENTS: 4 hot dogs 2 hotdog buns ½ cup diced cucumber ¼ cup mint leaves ¼ cup cilantro leaves Mayonnaise, to garnish Sriracha sauce, to garnish Lime wedges, to garnish Sliced Thai chilies, to garnish (these are wicked hot, so proceed with a bit of caution) METHOD: 1. With a sharp …

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Heart Healthy Hot Dogs

Fried, boiled, barbecued or campfire roasted, there’s nothing more quintessentially “summer” than a classic hotdog, especially paired with white bun, French’s mustard, ketchup and relish. While I loved this old standby as a child (who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned weiner roast?), as an adult, I’ve become far too informed about the preparation and …

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Celebrating Sausages

The Germans are known by the nickname “The Krauts,” which comes from sauerkraut, a famous German dish comprised of fermented cabbage. Maybe Germans should be nicknamed “The Sausages” instead, because we have 1,500 kinds of different sausages in Germany – according to the Deutscher Fleischer Verband (German Meat Association). There is a sausage for every …

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Filipino Spaghetti with Bison

Filipino spaghetti is the perfect food; it’s meaty, savory, sweet and cheesy. And it’s filled with hot dogs. This recipe uses bison.

Hotdog Destiny

On July 4 my family headed to Skagway for the Independence Day celebration. Since I was about to write a piece for the WUY Hot Dog Issue, I thought, “What a great way to sample the Americana hot dog culture and stuff myself with delicious mystery meat.” We arrived just in time to catch the …

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An Orange Dog

National Hot Dog Day approaches on July 23. Those who celebrate will most likely be found grilling hot dogs on the barbeque or over a fire. Die-hard hot dog lovers may opt to make their own. In the Yukon there are opportunities to experiment with local game recipes. Regardless of what you use to make …

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Le Chien Gourmet

While hot dogs are not traditionally considered ingredients for classy dining, Carl Pearce of Antoinette’s Restaurant in Whitehorse begs to differ. Here are four of his creations, which prove that dogs can be a delicacy.

It’s Not the Dog’s Fault

If you don’t like hot dogs, here’s an Internet trend you want to avoid: “hot dogs or legs.” People take photos of their bent legs from the knee to mid-thigh in a manner that looks like a couple of hot dogs looking out over the landscape, usually a beach scene where oily, bare, hot dog-like …

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Hot Dogging in Quebec

I was on vacation with my family in southern Quebec when I opened e-mail from What’s Up Yukon editor Peter Jickling asking me if I had any “hot dog” stories for the magazine. It occurred to me that other than eating them over the years I had no stories of any value. Once I burnt …

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Hot Dogs

In summer, Stevens attaches her dogs to her bike with skijouring gear and takes them for long runs, interrupted by swims.

Batters Up!

For the second time in six years, Whitehorse is about to host many of the world’s best young softball players in the International Softball Federation’s Junior Men’s World Championship. The first pitch will be launched at 12:30 p.m. on Friday July 11, at the Pepsi Softball Centre on Range Road, when Singapore’s national team takes …

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Late Night Dogs

Dave Fraser is wearing a huge smile on his face as he hands out six grilled cheese sandwiches thick with bacon, tomato, onion and pickle. After a few minutes of chatting he says they are the most popular item on Zorro’s menu. “They are a pain to make,” he explains, “but the customers love them …

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