Hunting for Wildlife

A variety of ammunition cartridges

Ammunition Choices

Currently, there is a much greater variety of ammunition choices for hunters than ever before in firearm history.

A hunter with a mature Ram

A Hunter’s First Ram

For many hunters that live outside of the Yukon, having the opportunity to hunt and harvest a mature Dall sheep is merely a pipe dream.

A hunter preparing to take a shot with a rifle

The Hunter’s First Rifle

The .30 calibre, is 112 years old and still high on the list as one of the most-versatile hunting cartridges in the world.

41lb. Lake Trout out of Tagish Lake

Hunting for Wildlife: Mike Gustus

This 43” lake trout, which weighed in at a husky 41 pounds, was caught in Tagish Lake on Saturday, July 19 by Mike Gustus, who writes: “A good ole (Len Thompson) Five of Diamonds barbless hook caught this hog at 94’, deep trolling with my long-time fishin’ friend Brian. I always use a 20lb test, …

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A Northern Diary

Carolyn Vincent taught in the Yukon in the 1970s and also cooked for an outfitter for a few months in 1976. She typed out a diary of what her life was like during that time. We are reprinting it here with minimal editorial tampering. Last time we left her, hunting season was just starting. Here …

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