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Full metal and padded jacket

Many Yukoners will have seen members of the Company of the White Wolf at events around the territory. It’s hard to miss grown men and women dressed in full medieval combat armour, striking each other with swords and axes.

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Ice fishing on Lake Baikal

A kilometre out on the ice, the motorcycle with its side-cart caught my attention, the olive drab silhouette contrasting sharply against the frozen surface of Lake Baikal, a vast sea of white some 40 km. wide and more than 700...

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Between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

A welcoming smile greeted me through the glass, the face of the Kazakhstan immigration officer lighting up as if I was a dear friend. Striding out to meet me, he grabbed my hand warmly and invited me into his office.Offering a...

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Passion for the Planet

Passion and excitement practically explode over the phone as I speak with Veronica Huggard.Huggard is one of five young people chosen to represent Yukon at the Northern Forum’s Youth Eco Forum in Anchorage, Alaska from May...

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Do You Speak AWG?

The Beatles forever changed our musical landscape with the simple phrase, “You say goodbye, I say hello”.This week, hundreds of visitors from across the Circumpolar North will descend upon Whitehorse for the Arctic...

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