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Issue: 2008-03-21

Hopping for a good cause

Mollie Fraser (from the left), Jenna Fahr and Hannah Pederson are practising for the big day, March 25, when they will hop as many times as they can to help raise money for Nlaye Ndasadaye Daycare’s Hop for Muscular...

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Quiche? Yes. Pansies? No.

On March 1, I saw a headline on the front page of the Globe and Mail that gladdened my heart.It was, “This Spring, Real Men Wear Pansies.” The accompanying photo showed a guy with pansies printed on his shirt.Wow!...

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Copper Haul Twister League Finale

With longer sunny days and mercury rising above zero, thoughts are turning to the restful, lazy days of summer when dogs bask in the sun and snap at mosquitoes, while mushers repair gear and swap race and trail stories that grow...

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