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Issue: 2008-06-06

Veggies Like a Warm Bed

If you haven’t planted your garden, now is definitely the time to get growing.Remember to plant your seeds — such as carrots, beets and lettuce — fairly shallow. The depth of the seed bed that is required for...

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Barbecued Buffalo Burgers

BBQ season is upon us and Buffalo Burgers are a great way to get started.Looking for something different to throw on the grill, a friend of mine suggested a switch from the “same old – same old” ground beef to a...

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Summer Salads

With summer’s arrival in the North (thank goodness it is finally here) come picnics and pot luck BBQs.Having a salad or two to make ahead is always a good tactic in the time management department. Made ahead, the salad can...

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Beer From a Wide-Open Space

Marketing beer is fun.When you have a product that so many people enjoy and you are told to “Go sell this!” you can have a pretty amusing and creative time. Many of the world’s larger breweries have found a...

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Thine Art

Sonnet 1The grace of she who moves like silken water,her feet the slaves to wild demanding beats.The master of motion and most pleasant to watch,her dance to leap to fly with sky she meets.A twist, a flick, a painter is painting...

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Sleeping Babies

The babies sat in the driveway, tarped over, covered in snow half-melted in the April sun.I brushed them off, to let the sun begin to warm the silver shrouds, to soak some life back into the batteries.It’s my motorcycles...

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Atlin is Great for Young Explorers

We drove down to Atlin for the May long weekend for some family time. Atlin is one of my favourite getaway places. The town is so quiet the birds make more noise than the people.The Saturday we arrived it was a bit cool and grey...

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