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Issue: 2008-06-13

An Artist of the Yukon

A specific mood is always evident in Kirsty Wells’ paintings.Wells, 18, usually paints upbeat, happy images with lots of bright, vibrant colours and drastic contrasts.”There is less contrast and lighter colours and...

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Comedy from a Sleep-Depraved Mind

I’m finally getting some good sleep these days.Recently, I was stage-managing the incredible Varietease show at the Guild: a cavalcade of comedy, song and, indeed, titillation.This basically amounted to many long evenings...

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Social Riding; Klondike Style

Motorcycle riders are often solitary sorts. We like the time we spend with ourselves on the road.It is a sort of meditation: no radio, no chit-chat with a passenger, no getting bored like you do driving a car.That doesn’t...

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A musical journey through time

Two weeks: that’s all Hank Karr came for, and that’s when his love affair with the Yukon began.But, as a clock chimes (his wife, Pam, likes clocks), the Saskatchewan-born singer/songwriter rewinds just a bit, to an...

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Lovely Lemons and Rhubarb

That bright and beautiful time of year is finally here: the lupines are in the woods and the eagles are proudly flying overhead.So, too, our northern rhubarb is making its presence known. Use it in this lemon tart or as a spread...

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