Issue: 2008-11-20

Emirate of the North

Part 1 of 6 Where is Whitehorse? Why are you going there? What’s it like? Three great questions and at first I struggled to answer any of them. So when Ed, a friend and former colleague asked me the big three, I thought I might veer from the truth. Where? I could be straight about …

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Northern Lights Express

Astronomy and a love for the night sky travels with a person no matter where you go or what you do. In our younger years of life, we have all the time and energy to explore the great cosmos. As a young adult, the real world of responsibilities (careers and children and all that stuff) …

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They chose Whitehorse first

I’m sitting on a rock where Lil’s Place will be in about 14,000 years. I’m thinking about a chocolate shake, but chocolate hasn’t really been invented yet. I’m travelling with some people who have finally made it to the Whitehorse area — where they will stay for a few years. “Oh, maybe 10 years,” Om …

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The Yukon’s own Lilith Fair

It isn’t easy to mount the Yukon’s own version of Lilith Fair. “It was a lot, a lot, a lot of work,” says President Erica Heyligers of the latest Yukon Women in Music project. “Yeah, a lot of work,” agrees her vice-president, Barbara Chamberlin. And even though the CD, Tether Hooks & Velcro, has been …

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This Beer Really is For You

One of the things that a business in your community can do that companies Outside cannot is treat you like you — as an individual — matter. I have seen tubes of lip balm turn up at meetings or events that have the logo of the event on them, thanks to the efforts of Aroma …

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