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Issue: 2008-12-04

Decembers Planetary Pile Up

If you were taking note of the High Lights in the last issue (and this one), you would have discovered that December is chock full of planetary action.The month started off with a very rare event: on December 1st, Venus, Jupiter...

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The Dinner Party

Part 3 of 6Last weekend, I dined with the venerable Irish anaesthetist, Dr. Marnus F. O’Hoolahan, at his house in Squatter’s Row. It was the first time I had met him and he was in fine spirits; sitting at the head of...

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Write around the Globe

A 75-year-old flees from his home and now lives in a refugee camp.Children disappear, some as young as seven years old, and are later dropped off after being mistreated or even tortured into making some confession that vilifies...

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Beer Bottles Make Beautiful Music

The year was 1798 and the place was Helgoland.Helgoland is located in the North Sea, 70 kilometres off of the coast of Germany. This is important, since it is the remote location that made Helgoland, in 1798, the birthplace of...

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Grocery shopping can be fun

The cheery fire warmed Misty as she curled up in front of the fireplace while our Midnight Sun Muleskinner-blend coffee warmed our insides. Talk among these good friends was pleasant and engaging.So, of course, we were now...

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