Issue: 2009-03-12

Tutti Fruit-ee, Go Fruit

Sometimes fresh is not always available. In early Klondike days, canned or dried fruit was the norm. Many modern-day Northerners dry fruit for lightweight hiking food or for long-term winter storage. This quick and nutritious crisp dessert can be made using frozen, dried or canned fruit. While summer may seem eons away, this is a …

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In the ‘language’ of belly dancing, Raqs rocks

It’s not I Dream of Jeannie—not even close. “The North American image of I Dream of Jeannie is so ‘Hollywood’,” Nita Collins chuckles, but acknowledges that, yes, belly dancing is sensual. “I Dream of Jeannie is a combination of Turkish and Eastern and Hollywood.” But, she says, it did help introduce the whole concept and …

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Deep in Snow and Going to Seed

When we moved to Whitehorse, from Saskatchewan, I had been led to believe that gardening here was next to impossible. Then I visited Yukon Gardens and was inspired. They had all the ‘regular’ garden plants that seemed to be doing very well. That’s when I knew it wasn’t impossible. But it was still years before …

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Get a Pooch and Find a Pal

So, I’ve mentioned it before: I’m lousy at making friends. Growing up a quiet geek doesn’t lend well to the pal-collecting abilities and now that I’ve advanced in age (thanks entropy), things are a little awkward. I just don’t really recall how it all works and the thought of getting back into the friend-making game …

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