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Issue: 2009-03-26

Tiny Little Pieces of Life

I got my seeds today!Seeds … tiny little pieces of life, stored until spring arrives to awaken them.It is this miraculous life that makes them so attractive to gardeners, especially after a long, cold winter. Each seed has...

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Striking Gold; One Potato at a Time

Yukon Gold potatoes, as fresh baby nuggets or mature full size, are wonderful for this delicious, warm salad. Paired with fresh apple and Camembert cheese, this dish celebrates the good old potato.Yukon Gold potatoes have a firm...

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The art of guilt

Prime Minister Stephen Harper stood in the House of Commons on June 11, 2008 and apologized. His address was in regards to Indian Residential Schools in Canada.”Truly, with the Stephen Harper apology, he was just the...

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The fresh sound of jazz

Sienna Dahlen has that classical jazz sound in her voice. That is to say, it is what you think of when you think of small, smoky rooms and tight bands cooling up the place.But, just as jazz is forever evolving, Dahlen is now...

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A new and improved cultural touchstone

Blessed be the good people at Tim Hortons and their Roll Up The Rim contest.If it were not for them, how would we Yukoners know it is spring.Indeed, how would we know we are still in Canada if it weren’t for the sight of...

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A Little Persistence and A Patch of Clear Sky

So how was the Yukon Night Skies Star Party, you ask?The plan was to go Friday and Saturday evening, if the weather co-operated – and it did not. I decided to go anyway, just in case the weather cleared or in case someone showed...

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Get Out and Guild

Imagine you are sitting at your computer at home, one evening. Despite the fact that it’s minus 27 outside, it’s snowing – again. As if we need more snow …Enough already.Christmas parties and presents are a...

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