Issue: 2009-04-02

Bold, dark theatre returns

After a decade of collecting dust in the Guild Society office, the script for Cabaret is finally being used and will be presented at the Guild Hall, April 2 to 18. The rights were purchased in the ’90s, but the Guild Society’s artistic director, Eric Epstein, was unable to find a suitable male lead. It …

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The Return of the Big ‘Dob’

I was suffering from aperture fever and was craving bigger and better views … fortunately, my 14-inch Celestron Dobsonian telescope finally arrived. These telescopes offer the best-possible view for the dollar and are of a most simplistic design. There is a large primary mirror at the bottom and a much smaller secondary mirror and focuser …

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The Hordes Will Gorge on Film

The roar of the sand grinder is enough to give anyone a headache. But Dan Sokolowski, producer of the Dawson City International Short Film Festival, likes the sound. The sanding of the new ballroom floorboards is the second last step. After that is the varnishing and – fingers crossed – the ballroom will be ready …

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The Lament of ‘Dorkdom’

It had to happen. After all, it was only a matter of time. This is the sad lament of someone’s subculture becoming even more dorky than its original conception. Yes, I’m talking about gamers. And by “gamers”, I’m encompassing the entire spectrum of geekery – from rolling mitt-fulls of dice, in darkened basements, to making …

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