Issue: 2009-04-23

A Taste of Our Northern Woodlands

Morel mushrooms are an exquisite treat found in the ashy remains of the forest fire floor. Because these mushrooms only germinate when exposed to extremely high heat, morels are available the year after a forest fire has raged through the woods. While destruction does take place, much growth occurs afterwards. Harvesting the woods in early …

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Everything Old is New Again (or, ‘Pump It Up’)

Brace yourself, Yukon. There are strange things coming to the North this summer, and I am not just speaking of the various transients descending shortly. I guess it is not a for sure, but if Toronto and Montréal (the so-called meccas of Canadian fashion) are any indication, the Klondike will soon be under the same …

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Grey Mountain Adventures

The second Yukon Night Skies Star Party was fun and eventful. The skies cleared for a short time to give us some good viewing. As spring moves forward, our observing time becomes later and later each evening. The night sky is now only starting to get dark at 10 p.m. Better to be safe than …

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Law-Abiding Beer

The Liquor Corporation in New Brunswick has created a wee bit of a stir lately (pun intended). It seems it is losing a lot of beer sales in border communities. Not to the U.S., as you might think, but to Québec. Every province and territory in Canada has their own approach to beer pricing. As …

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