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Issue: 2009-07-02

Almost Everybody Knows One

It seems almost everybody knows an O’Donovan.Some of us know nine or 10 of them.All told, there are 11 siblings and they tend to be an active and creative bunch. After seeing different brothers and sisters pop up at...

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The Joy of Weeding

Well it seems that summer is here. The heat that we have been getting has been a bonus for the garden. Everything is up, even the corn that I planted outside in containers.Usually in the Yukon, one of the main challenges is to...

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What’s the ‘Rush’?

“I have a lot of fun with Dot,” says Trish Barclay, her eyes squinting into a voice that sounds like it belongs to a pirate.That needs an explanation.Barclay says her character and that of “Bert”, played...

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