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Issue: 2009-08-13

Smoke that serves us well

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire: an idiom seen this summer around Whitehorse.While it seems obvious, it’s amazing how frequently we miss the “smoke signals” in our lives or see them only in...

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What do you pair with muskrat?

I, like many wine enthusiasts, love the challenge of finding the right wine to pair with a meal.Many people start with this simple axiom: white wine with white meat; red wine with red meat – not a bad starting place as few...

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Play Makers: Phone-book art

Some very-familiar art is now on display at the Old Fire Hall in downtown Whitehorse.Art that every Yukoner can say at one point was in their home.And while it may have spent most of the time tucked away in the kitchen drawer,...

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Acting Out Her Passion

Sometimes people stumble upon their passions accidentally; such is the case with Sophia Marnik.After studying to become a teacher at McGill University, she came North to the Yukon, in 1996, with an open-ended future in front of...

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Give Peas a Chance!

This year we have been having record temperatures. With the heat, some plants start start to bolt to seed.My spinach has done this and the radishes were finished weeks ago. The lettuce is starting to make heads, which leads to...

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Growing Sweet Trees in the North

After a great deal of research, the University of Saskatchewan has developed cherry trees that are cold tolerant to -45. Ingrid Wilcox describes several of these varieties, the best known and most successful of which is the Evans Cherry Tree.

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