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Issue: 2009-08-27

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

How do you like being told what to do? (Wait a minute … let me tune in to me telepathic powers …). You don’t? I thought not. Me either.How about being told what to feel? (This time, I’ll use my Spidey...

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A ‘Berry’ Wonderful Time of Year

Well, we are nearing the end of summer and, while no one wants summer to end, there are benefits at this time of year … berries.Years ago, my husband found a small blueberry bush on the hill behind us and wanted to...

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Kerr-razy for Taste

Pat McKenna takes a cook’s tour of famous, infamous and soon-to-be famous Yukon chefs. Featured today is Mary-El Kerr of Whitehorse.Mary-El Kerr, owner and operator of Mary-El Fine Food & Catering, brings a wide...

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The Dempster adventure

In 2002, I embarked, with the love of my life, on a Yukon adventure I never experienced in the 29 years I lived here.Here, I confess, we were sort of living together without a “shack-up permit.” Wonder what happened...

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I am proud of Trenton, Ontario

Pride in Canada’s military has always been a dignified and understated series of gestures in my hometown of Trenton, Ontario.It is decidedly more important that Trenton provides a calm family life for those men and women...

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