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Issue: 2009-09-03

Herbal Flavour Well-Preserved

With harvest in full swing, I am often asked for suggested uses of herbs other than drying or freezing.To enjoy your herbal harvest year-round, I like to keep a selection of herbal vinegars on hand.To make herbal vinegar, gather...

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How far from home?

Just as the metaphorical river is never the same after the water rushes past, you really can’t go home again.Home, for me, is my mom’s house, a place I spent my teenage years in jaunty development that relied too...

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Road Trip of Envy

It is really annoying being on a road trip, not on a motorcycle.I am on a multipurpose trip; however, none of those purposes are compatible with motorcycling … 2,500 kilometres and no motorcycle.I may sound like a whiner,...

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Experiencing the North on Skis

In the early 1980s when Mike Gladish was working for the Canadian Weather Office, in Edmonton, he was given a choice between taking a job in Banff and taking a job in Whitehorse. He chose the latter.”I had just gotten into...

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