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Issue: 2009-09-17

Baja – the Road to Gonzaga

What happened to the road?It was the second challenge of our trip. The first was the sand of the central mountains. This second one had a reputation for destroying all but the most solid of vehicles, by rattling them to...

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Geraniums to enjoy … and then keep

With frost nipping at our gardens, if it hasn’t already nipped in your area, I’ve been asked numerous times on the proper way to overwinter geraniums. Of all the outdoor summer blooms, geraniums can probably make the...

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A love that made the gods weep

“It is a space of no expectations,” says Carol Prieur, a dancer in the upcoming presentation, Orpheus and Eurydice.Since Yukon audiences probably remember the choreographer, Marie Chouinard, who urinated into a...

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Driving North in July

In this haze the Yukon skyline,normally full of distince edges,has become a Tony Onley canvas,vistas folding into each other,fading with the distanceinto smoke-smudgedindistinct waves.

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