Issue: 2009-09-24

The Yukon rocks Vancouver

Yukon musicians will be entertaining Vancouverites this week, which is nice, but … “I see this as a huge marketing initiative,” says Debbie Peters of Magnum Opus Management, the event producer. “A lot of these performers see this as a launching pad.” And such a nice launching pad it is, too. The Railway Club is …

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Bottoms-up in the Blueberry Patch

Picking in the blueberry patch; what could be sweeter? Along waterways and creeks, hillsides and rocky patches, these little blue beauties are worth the hike. This upside-down cake is a nice way to celebrate blueberry season in the North. It is also important to reward your pickers with a delectable goody after the pickings. You …

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Yukon Dancers Are Here to Stay

Jude Wong and I sit facing each other, sipping our coffees. She is nibbling on toast, and I am picking at a muffin – two food staples of dancers. We are talking about SYIDA (Society of Yukon Independent Dance Artists). Yes, this has been a feature of several articles in recent issues, but I am …

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Reds for a Gathering

It’s always fun to be on the lookout for new wines to try, and this past weekend gave me the opportunity to explore two tasty and moderately priced red wines from Italy. They come from less familiar areas of Italy, that nonetheless are making excellent wines. There’s a wonderful trend in wines from countries around …

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No one can shock with such delight

In 1962, it was shocking and titillating. Though the Pulitzer Prize committee handed it a Pulitzer, it was revoked for language, for sexual situations. When it ran an England tour, Lord Chamberlain made the playwright, Edward Albee, change the swear words, “Jesus Christ” to “Cheese God.” Half sarcastically, Albee asked, “What about saying Mary M. …

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The Peace of Collecting

Stepping into the Solo Show Room at the Yukon Artists @ Work Co-operative, this month, feels wide open and peaceful. To create Stones Bones Berries: The Art of Collecting, Kerry Fletcher has removed the moveable walls that transform the sunroom into a picture gallery. She’s hung strings of rosehips in front of the windows and …

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