Issue: 2009-10-01

Surviving and Thriving in Winter

Northern gardeners understanding the concept of winter hardiness. “Will my perennial plants or bushes survive the winter?” is no easy task.

Places That Are ‘Found’

My favourite places in the Yukon are obscure … they are not found in guidebooks, websites, during tours or by pestering a long-time local long enough to spill the beans. They are found by chance and not while actively seeking them out. For example, during a recent commute between distant Yukon communities, I was forced …

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Théâtre en Francais, S’il Vous Plaît

Bonjour! Si t’était pas au courant, je suis le régissuer pour la production de Bonneau et la Bellehumeur pour La Troupe Du Jour, une compagnie de théatre à Saskatoon. I’m pretty sure I spelled all that decently enough. To more or less translate: I’ve recently taken on stage-managing for a Francophone theatre company’s touring show. …

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Films That Make You Thirsty

Julia Child, the late, great American cookbook writer and chef, was profoundly moved by her first French meal when she and her husband arrived by ship, in Rouen, France, in November of 1948. She wrote: “We began our lunch with a half-dozen oysters on the half shell. Rouen is famous for its duck dishes, but, …

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A Marriage of Music and Technology

If you’ve been to a concert or stage performance, recently, and admired the crisp sound or the well-lit stage, then chances are you are already a fan of Bill Charron’s, the owner/operator of Omni Productions. Charron has been a mainstay of the Yukon entertainment industry since his arrival on the scene in September of 1979. …

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