Issue: 2009-10-08

Suffer a new day

What an eccentric thing is the sky When at close of day it dances colours for my eyes. What beauty folds itself in swaddling clouds And wraps horizon in misted shrouds. Where stars turn course, and gaily gleam, Night creeps forth its shadowed seam. Where on high the moon does glow, Silent watchman, earth below. …

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Simmering Spuds

The firm texture of Yukon Gold potatoes goes well with fresh corn to deliver a rich flavour in this hearty and healthy soup. Leave the skin on new potatoes as the skins are high in Vitamin C. Yukon-grown potatoes are plentiful now as the digging is well underway in Northern gardens. Shaving kernels from corn …

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Welcome to Whitehorse

I arrived in Whitehorse, from Toronto, about a month ago, to visit sisters that have already made homes for themselves here. I come to the conclusion that it’s the fierce cold and depressing winters that most likely keep many of my fellow-Torontians at bay, but I do not know that for sure. Whatever their reasons, …

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Dance explores pain and pleasure

Hélène Blackburn is looking forward to bringing her contemporary dance company, Cas Public, to the Yukon next week. Long ago, she dismissed the notion that those in small towns can be closed- minded and that the west is saturated with with conservative tastes in entertainment. And, having visited two venues in northern Québec, she knows …

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Sharing the Wealth, Creatively

Amber Walker feels grateful for her lot in life: her husband supports her financially so she can pursue her interests as a visual artist and playwright. Over the past year, in Whitehorse, she has had many opportunities to pursue her artistic interests. David Skelton of Nakai Theatre is helping her as she develops her play. …

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A room with a current

It is fall of 2005. I have just arrived in the Yukon. I am amazed to be accepted into an advanced playwriting course with the famous Canadian playwright, Tomson Highway. I spend a week with five other lucky writers as Tomson leads us through the steps of building the first draft of a play. I …

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