Issue: 2009-11-12

A play without boundaries

After presenting Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, one of the most well-known plays of the post-modern era, the Guild Theatre follows with the world premiere of Yukon writer Patti Flather’s play, The Soul Menders. This play has no theatre history, no reputation, no guide and, for Chris McGregor, the director, it has no boundaries. And …

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Artist wants your memories

As thrilled as Daphne Mennell was to be commissioned to build a sculpture for Whitehorse’s new Public Safety Building, it is an experience she wants to share with all Yukoners. More than that, she wants the collective experience of Yukoners to be represented “in” and “on” the sculpture. She is asking for Yukoners to donate …

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Decoding Wine Names

Several weeks ago, the Rotary Club that I belong to held its 18th annual Fine Wine and Food Festival. We had a record turnout and everyone who attended seemed to have a lot of fun. I was working one of the tables, talking about the wines while I poured them. While there were some number …

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A Yukon Playwright Presents the Yukon

Celia McBride will be representing us at the 2010 Olympics, in Vancouver. Is she a curler? or a luger? Neither, actually. She’s a local playwright with an incredible opportunity on her hands. As the host country of next year’s Olympics, Canada has been afforded the opportunity to showcase its provinces and territories on the world …

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